Recovering Softcover #8: Self-Doubt


Question: How do I cope with crippling self-doubt?

Conscious: Why do you feel doubtful about your existing work? What internal and external factors contribute to the strength and intensity of this feeling?

Subconscious: No one can honor your purpose as you do – that is why you say what you say and speak to the ears that resonate with your words. How are you in relationship with the internal and external factors that contribute to feeling doubtful? Where are you physically going or at in life, who are you around, why are you around them, what are you doing with them, knowingly and unknowingly.

Conscious: Be useful with the time you spend with self-doubt to learn about yourself.

Go back and read your existing work. Make a case for why it was “born” (left your mind, notebook, Google Docs, etc.) and why it still “lives”. Why did you publish this work? Who were you speaking to? What place in your life were you speaking from? How did this voice you had influence where you are now? When in doubt, reflect.

Promote the work you’re most proud of. Share it where you’d like it to be seen, as often as you’d like it to be seen. You control your level of visibility and accessibility.

Ask a person you trust to share their opinions about your work. How can their understanding shape how you create, curate and present future work? What more understanding can be made?

Be well while greeting your work. It just needs you.

Love and support from my pen to yours,


P.S. If you or some writer you know has a burning question about the woes and wins of this writing lifestyle, email Ashanti directly with your query and the subject line “Recovering Softcover” at Please note if you’d like to remain anonymous in your correspondence.

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