Our reading period for new work is currently closed.



Email us your brief cover letter and artist statement or bio to with a single work file (DOC, DOCX, PDF, etc.) attached. All work should be titled. Please be sure that your name does not appear directly on your work. See other submission guidelines below.



Submit up to five (5) unpublished* poems of any length or format. Please submit multiple poems in a single document, and use page breaks or titles to indicate where one poem ends and the next begins.


Submit up to five (5) unpublished pieces of any genre not exceeding 560 characters in a single file.

Fiction & Creative Nonfiction

Stories, almost-stories, and excerpts of longer works, story collections or novels, no longer than 1500(-ish) words. Translations of work previously unpublished in English are also accepted.

Prose & Essays

No longer than 1500 words.

Comics, Graphic Novels & Manga

Any number of panels, no more than 8 pages.

Please allow up to eight (8) weeks for us to respond. If a response has not been sent after eight (8) weeks, feel free to email us at with the subject line: “[TYPE OF SUBMISSION] Submission Nudge.”

FTS treats “unpublished” as never having appeared online (including all blogs; but not including video). Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please notify us immediately if one or more of these poems has been accepted elsewhere. If only one of the pieces is being withdrawn, do not withdraw the entire submission unless that is what you intend.

Please do not send multiple submissions during the reading period as they will be discarded. Thank you for your patience.

-The Scribes


Got some custom vibes that you’ve created? Want to see them featured in The Quarry? Send them in!



Ideally, 13 to 18 songs (or 40-60 minutes of music) can shift a mood for the better. Order and intention matters. As a Quarry vibe designer, you are essentially making a room out of sound. What does that feel like? How does it ebb and flow? How does it resolve? Create a listening experience that creatives can take something from.

Theme & Naming:

Got an assortment of tunes centered around happiness? Working out something for closure? We take creative inspiration of all sorts. Align your songs to a stone’s properties or let us know and we can match your vibe to its healing crystal counterpart.

Suggested Readings:

We wouldn’t be half the writers we are without reading. Based on your theme or crystal, pair your playlist with a 2 to 4 suggested readings to further the creative process.

Note: We take vibe design seriously. As a curator and collaborator, create a musical atmosphere that could ultimately inspire writers and creatives to create. At this time, we are currently only using Spotify™ to compile our playlists & do hope to expand to other streaming services soon so please be mindful throughout your vibe creation. Be thoughtful, be intentional, have fun, and happy creating.

Email us your playlist, a brief artist statement or bio, and your social media handles to using the subject line: “Quarry Playlist Submission,” your theme or crystal focus, ordered list of songs and suggested readings attached. Please allow 2-4 weeks for a response.