We are parchment for fresh ink, a page in your grateful journal. Writers, you are home.

A group chat idea manifested in late summer 2015, For The Scribes is a haven for marginalized indie writers. An online platform and resource for established and aspiring novelists, poets, singer-songwriters, spoken word artists, bloggers, playwrights, and screenwriters alike, FTS is the joint creation of AsiahMae and Willie L. Kinard III. Created to provide writing folk with tips, alerts, and opportunities to showcase work, FTS is a digital writer’s aid. Queer, trans, femme, differently-abled, or otherwise failing patriarchy? Get comfortable, relax, and stay a while. You’re family now.

Staff Scribes



Co-Creator, Director of Communications

Made from sweet grass and amber resin, AsiahMae (stylized A$iahMae) is the strong-voiced water witch co-creating and handling partnerships at FTS. Her poetic voice is soft yet forceful and ever-evolving, which is just how she likes it.  When she’s not fighting for your right to twerk and be a scholar or taking care of your skin, you can catch AsiahMae barefoot in the dirt, making something out of thin air, thrifting with Willie, or slowly dying while awaiting the new episodes of Steven Universe.

Twitter: @_asiahmae


Willie L. Kinard III

Co-Creator, Editor-in-Chief

Currently attending meetings for Word Whores Anonymous™ and therapy for Steven Universe-related trauma, Willie L. Kinard III is a graphic designer and poet of South Carolina cricket songs. An avid champion of Caslon over Garamond and the other founding half of FTS alongside Asiah, his penned work has appeared or is forthcoming in several publications including Glass: A Journal of Poetrythe Shade Journal, and Platypus Press’ A Portrait in Blues anthology. Willie’s pocket of the Internet is located at

Twitter: @WillieKinardIII


Ashanti Marshall

Associate Editor

Ashanti Marshall (b. 1994) is a self-taught cultural anthropologist and new teaching artist. They know their very existence and education is defined by Black womxn and femmes, so they listen. Based in Chicago, Ashanti’s work explores the lifespan of impact, sound, lived experience, and memory as fact, truth and history.

Twitter: @kitchentablebae



Areriel Hayward

Softer than a flower and stronger than the world will ever know, Areriel Hayward is a digital creative with starfire for energy. A social media guru and budding marketing strategist, Arï is currently conquering Al Gore’s internet by way of Charleston, South Carolina.


Joseph Sewell

Inspired by the humor of William Faulkner and Oscar Wilde and the unadulterated Blackness of Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes, Joseph Sewell is dedicated to being as proudly Black and queer as he is to marble cheesecake. An alumnus of the University of South Carolina priding himself on bringing a Southern flare to his work, Joseph currently resides in Washington, D.C.