Recovering Softcover #5: Validation


Question: Does validation matter? If it does, how does one sustain a healthy relationship with it?

Subconscious: Validation is rooted in purpose and purpose is rooted in use.

Conscious: What are you doing that is useful? What are the intentions of your actions? Consider how you are being guided and why is it of desire to you. Are you seeking validation just to find it?

Subconscious: Why do you think you need to be seen to matter? Identify and reconcile this. How has your work survived existence this long?

Conscious: What internal capacities sustain your work? How are these entities shaping and supporting your personal and professional development?

Subconscious: Your purpose is rooted in usefulness. How are you creating change? How do you want to? Look at yourself, this is the first gaze that mattered to you. Honor this, often.

Be well while greeting your work. It just needs you.

Love and support from my pen to yours,


P.S. If you or some writer you know has a burning question about the woes and wins of this writing lifestyle, email Ashanti directly with your query and the subject line “Recovering Softcover” at Please note if you’d like to remain anonymous in your correspondence.

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