#WeBeLight: 30 Journaling Prompts for Reflection



What goes on #ScribeTribe??? It’s the first of the month, the beginning of the holiday season, one of our favorite times of the year, and a new chance to expect and receive new blessings. As we transition out of our Halloween costumes, prepare for the work that is #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and embrace the third month of fall, this November FTS is bringing you a new 30-day reflective journal prompt series.


Focusing on writers’ well-being, we’ve been working to emphasize wellness and internal reflection as things to be definitely paid attention to. We know that, in itself, reflection involves the work of both light and shadow, often employing transparency and translucency. The easiest way to make that clear that is understanding that, simply, things are layered, often are deeper than they appear, and that includes even us (and our supporting graphic). Writing requires a knowledge of both what makes you, as an artist or creative, work, and what forces, memories, and things push you to move the way that you do. Wanting to create something that was minimal, but thorough, that got us digging to understand who we are and why we write, that expressed a nod to translucency, our squad member, Ashanti Marshall, found inspiration in Moon and the words below from the legendary Toni Morrison. Thus, #WeBeLight was born.

You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.

-Toni Morrison

There are 61 days and counting left in 2017 and though it’s been a tumultuous year, we intend to make them count. Starting today and continuing throughout the rest of November, we’re encouraging fellow scribes and writing enthusiasts to open their inkwells and join us every afternoon for a new journaling prompt to dive deeper into their levels of reflection and translucency. We hope that through it, you find peace, healing, and inspiration to keep on keeping on. To our readers and journalers, pack light between the lines.

#WeBeLight Journaling Prompts by Ashanti Marshall

  • Day 1 – List your top three excuses for denying or preventing transition.


  • Day 2 – How are you made aware of your feelings via communication? How do they change like Moon phases?


  • Day 3 – What does your voice sound like to the Moon? Does the night change how you express yourself?


  • Day 4How does the story of your life define you?


  • Day 5What are you doing to meet what you want half-way? Is that enough?


  • Day 6What are you here to do?


  • Day 7How are you growing from your mistakes? If not, what are you waiting for?


  • Day 8 – What do you sacrifice or neglect about yourself when you feel obligated to the circumstance you’re in?


  • Day 9How can you build truly if nothing has been destroyed? What do you have if nothing is still standing?


  • Day 10What do you desire most that you find yourself openly denying you access to?


  • Day 11What do you give to the seasons of growth that are inevitable for you?


  • Day 12 – What influences your faith in yourself?


  • Day 13What moves your transitions forward? What forces are behind possible change for you?


  • Day 14If we lived by the way time felt to us, would we be “over it” or would we cling to the present out of fear of the future?


  • Day 15 – What do you know about what you see in yourself?


  • Day 16 – Write a letter addressing the three excuses you had for denying/preventing your transition from Day 1. What needs to be realized, resolved & released?


  • Day 17 – How are you on the way to healing? Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Address these questions as if you are giving physical directions.


  • Day 18 – Describe your movement towards healing as a vehicle—What is the condition of your vehicle? Is it moving or parked? Is it on the road, the expressway, or in a parking lot? How does your car interact with this environment?


  • Day 19 – What does your shadow say about you? What is resting there? What is waiting to be relieved or addressed that’s not in the light?


  • Day 20How do you hold yourself accountable to your truth?


  • Day 21 – If your current state was a season, what season would it be? Write an honest love letter to this season.


  • Day 22 – Examine how you’ve survived. Take stock of what worked and what habits, practices, methods need to be retired.


  • Day 23 – How are you being a channel for your energy? What is easily permeable and what is easily relieved?


  • Day 24 – When do you let go? Write about your process for releasing and letting go of things.


  • Day 25What memories, people, and/or experiences keep certain truths in hiding?


  • Day 26What does unveiling yourself look like? Describe your truth as a form of light.


  • Day 27 – Do you embrace your shadow or do you avoid its work? Explore this observation.


  • Day 28 -What do you consider growth? How do the layers of your truth impact you?


  • Day 29Why do your shadows linger? What do they teach you? How are you learning?


  • Day 30 –  What is on the other side of your fear? Imagine this as a place. Describe how you’ll get there.


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