Recovering Softcover #7: Procrastination, Part II


Question: How can procrastination be useful?

Subconscious: Your dreams are worth your patience. Like a fetus maturing in the womb. What is the possibility of growth, when you take the time to realize that it is alive and happening?

Conscious: Breaks are necessary, just because you don’t feel any movements doesn’t mean change isn’t taking place. Quell your worry with gratitude. Time is forever and passing, identify how present you are and continue to co-create this moment with your will, your ability and your desire to be alive.

Subconscious: You are going through seasons of emotions and experiences to prepare you to appreciate and stand in the focus and purpose your dreams require. You go through, you don’t go around or under or above. Straight through and straightforward.

Conscious: You are not ready yet but you are getting there, this is your work. To keep going in your way, that is your purpose. No other way is yours, but the one you make for yourself. Study yourself and take any losses as lessons. Learn from them, it’s inevitable. How is your perspective determining your path? Adjust accordingly. What are you holding on to that needs to be let go? What are you refusing to learn from?

Subconscious: How are you incorporating gratitude as an everyday practice? Your attitude about and for the work determines if you will receive your dreams. Success is not owed to you but earned by you, because you are worth the wait.

Be well while greeting your work. It just needs you.

Love and support from my pen to yours,


P.S. If you or some writer you know has a burning question about the woes and wins of this writing lifestyle, email Ashanti directly with your query and the subject line “Recovering Softcover” at Please note if you’d like to remain anonymous in your correspondence.

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