Poems for Pride: Names by AsiahMae


by AsiahMae

She is satin and silk
Words tumbling lazily over a tongue
             coated in pineapple ale and the $10 vegan nachos
             we decided to split                  because
             we are both too broke for dates
             never too broken for each other’s embrace
He is tobacco and amber
Lifting me up off of my feet
             when my heels are too high to keep walking
             my head is too lost to be found
I like having them around.
In my sheets.
In my shower.
             Cuddled up with after hours
Laid on sand while stars spell   our names
                                                                                 in the sky
All the names they have
                                       No name.
             Say my name again                                for me
I love the way it sounds
                          rolling off             your tongue
             onto the back of                                      my ear.
Say that you’re queer and I’ll tell you             I am too
You don’t have to be one or the other             with me
You are magic and myth.
Fire and desire.
Mercury and Mars
You are the stars and every constellation
                                                                 they spell out.
You can be.
We can be.
And I’ll love you.

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