Fresh Ink: Khadijah Dennis’ A Woman I Saw Once.

A Woman I Saw Once.

I learned to love her
in spite of of the empty spaces she very often found herself in over the past three years.
I found something in her that connected,
levitated into the atmosphere;
got down on knees
praying for liberation from temptation of dishonest men for concrete hands and warmth
I observed her energies and failures
Her ability to turn pain inflicted from one to her onto herself
content with the blame of always making mistakes
she wasn’t responsible for
For the constant ability to submit without permission
but adjust herself in a heartbeat to the aura of another’s need.
When she breathes
I hear the rise and fall of nations birthing power into the atmosphere.
The stampede of brown feet pounding pavement
stomping away oppression and the placing down of black women
and their confidence
I’m in love with her ability to just exist
even after times she did not wish to
I lost touch with her for a short time
Reconnected with her ministry and her eyes are the ultimate prize.
There was life, there is passion flowing from palms to toes.
I value me.

Khadijah Dennis is a collage of eclectic energies mixed with the vibrant souls of strong women that inspire her to create, write and lead. As the founder of her own communications platform, The Conqueror Movement, she is learning how to better express her most intimate moments through her artistry, which is what this piece is about–reconnecting with and loving yourself. For more on Khadijah, visit her website

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