The Scribes Take Soda City!


For those of you that know of us and for those of you that are new to the #ScribeTribe, you should know that of course here at For The Scribes, we be writing. So think of June 23, 2016 as just another Thursday evening when the co-creators of your favorite writer’s haven participated in the 2016 Soda City Story Slam. An electric ensemble of local artists from across South Carolina, the inaugural Story Slam for Columbia, inspired by The Moth podcast and sponsored by the Columbia Museum of Art, brought together 16 storytellers to compete and share tales before a art-hungry audience and panel of judges. Centered around the theme of Memory Reframed, our Scribes came, saw, and conquered leaving the audience laughing and the stage on fire, even taking home the top prize of the night. In light of that, I guess it’s fair to say, that we be performing too. Check out our performances below.

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