Fresh Ink: Kai Cheek’s For The Sun

For the sun, but also for me. 

In so many ways, you are very much like me.

Helping plants and seeds grow.

Shining your light upon the dark places.

When You’re down, you’re actually just working on another part of the world.

You tend to be brighter in the summer. So distinct, more potent.

Everyone’s trying to catch you and your radiance, even if it’s for a few moments.

But then

They will warn others that if they get too close and have too much exposure,

they’ll be in danger and at risk.


But I say that cancer was man made.

You’ll grow taller.

You’ll grow stronger, and darker like your father and his father.

And they’ll despise you for it.

But Sun, we need you.

Veteran undercover writer Kai Cheek is new to publishing online, but a dear friend to words. An elusive, but gifted talent nonetheless, we’re sure this is not the last time you’ll hear from her.

Have you written some work that you’d love feedback on? Want to see featured as Fresh Ink? Send it to!

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