Fresh Ink: Afrekete’s From Pen to Paper

We here at FTS are working hard to give you more Fresh Ink, so now is the perfect time to give you an ode to Black History Year from one of our illustrious poets, Afrekete. Giving you melanin-filled pride in a glass bottle, “From Pen to Paper” is a testament to black resilience and strength.


From Pen to Paper

I am ink.

Maybe the Blackest you’ve ever seen.

More permanent than bleach stains

I do not fade.

I only get darker

Your worst nightmare

I am.

This is why you hate me

Because I cannot be erased.

Because once drawn

I shall not be moved.

This is why others love me

Because I am forever

My Black does not leave

Because I am ink

Permanent and everlasting.

You have tried to erase me

You will always fail.

I will always remain.

Permanent and everlasting.

You have tried to leave me out

To move around me

As if I do not exist..

You have tried to cover me.

“Correct” me

With white

As if I may disappear

Under such an absence of color

As if I will not remain

But I do.

Blacker than ever.

Because I am ink.

Permanent and everlasting.

This does not sadden me.


Because I am the center of your attention

I am envied

I am loathed

At the same time

Because of this

I am aware of my sovereignty.

I am the gift

that the cursed cannot have.

I am ink.

Permanent and everlasting.

This photo is Copyright © 2015 Afrekete. All rights reserved.

Afrekete is a black woman poet that states she has silenced the lion’s roar. A 23-year-old Southern woman and South Carolina native, this amazing writer is an empath and a spirit woman. For more of her of work, visit Afrekete’s poetry blog, To connect with her, visit @curlyhairbanga on Instagram or Twitter.

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