Fresh Ink: Queen Keko’s Drugs

Happy Thank-goodness-it-ain’t-Monday-no-more, readers! This Tuesday’s Fresh Ink submission comes from newcomer to FTS, Queen Keko. Reflecting on the power of toxic love, this writer explores addiction through concise metaphors and imagery in “Drugs”.



You are my Drug.

No need for meth or coke because you seem to be more powerful than anything out there.

Shooting you directly into my veins until I black out or end in a blank stare.

Forever chasing a high that seems to elude me because I can’t get that feeling back.

Feeling like a stint in rehab is my next step because I don’t know how to act.

Trapped in a never-ending cycle of dependency because I can’t get you out of my system.

And I want to just put it down and walk away, but I can’t. Am I dumb?

To know that you are breaking me down mentally when all I want is Still you…

But what is there to do?

Walking away seemed to be the right thing but I always come back anyway.

So maybe I want this hurt although I know you’ll kill me any day.

Ashlee Queen Keko McCoy is a carefree spirit just trying to find her way in a corrupt world. A black woman poet and spoken word artist finding the beautiful things in life to keep her going, she says, Lovely words connect us all.”

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