Fresh Ink: Ashanti Marshall’s salted truth

Happy 7 days before Christmas readers!! This week’s Fresh Ink submission comes from micro poetry extraordinaire and FTS supporter Ashanti Marshall. This poet’s words are laced with ecstasy in compact packages.“Salted truth” has all the precision, all the impact.


salted truth


are we really stars

or just

bullet holes to the reality

of an eternal night


is that what we climbed

and struggled and

fought to believe


bury us and then

return as seeds






all this damn ancient ass fertilizer

still kicking up new growth

like a perm that won’t take


yeah, we know we gon’ be alright….

but will you?


revive the natural order,

get out the way because

the cracker will crumble


ashes to ashes

dust to dust

this whole thang gon’ combust

Ashanti Marshall is a poet, peace maker and soul shaker. A black, queer, femme thought-force from the southside of Chicago, Marshall is 20 years old and forever pregnant with possibility and potential. Actively contributing to several blogs including and The Indigo Citizen, her storied voice offers an unapologetic existence and her world will make you believe, in both her and yourself.

Know of some work that you’d love to see featured as Fresh Ink? Created some? Send them to!

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